Organizations readily welcome the introduction of the euro

VoxPopuli on the subject of the introduction of the euro shows that business organizations are more optimistic than citizens and welcome the new currency readily.

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Written by: Nataša Blagojević

On January 1 next year, Croatia will introduce the euro and become the 20th member of the second largest monetary union in the world. In anticipation of one of the most significant events in the modern history of our country and a change that concerns every citizen and organization, we tackled this topic through our monthly #VoxPopuli poll on social networks. Our goal was to find out how informed our followers on social networks are about the new currency, how they are preparing for the introduction of the euro and what they expect in the future.


Citizens are afraid of rising prices


A very high 85% of followers who took part in the survey believe that Croatia is not ready for a new currency. An even higher percentage stated that the campaign for informing the public was not well implemented. It is therefore no surprise that two-thirds of them have certain fears regarding the introduction of the euro. Just some of the examples they singled out are the fear of price rounding, price increases and a further decline in living standards. Moreover, 89% of them are convinced that the introduction of the euro is one of the reasons for the rise in prices.

The new currency will still bring some positive changes. Our followers see the advantages of the introduction of the euro in easier establishment of foreign collaborations, less recalculations and worries when traveling.

It should be noted that the campaign for public informing itself is still ongoing and that everyone who has questions and unknowns about the introduction of the euro can still find out useful information.


The business community expects a positive impact of the euro


Organizations readily welcome this significant change. 85% of them have already started preparations for the introduction of the euro in their daily business. They are optimistic and expect that the new currency will have a positive impact on business (82%).

Some of the questions related to the business sector, in addition to Instagram, we also asked the LinkedIn community. When it comes to costs, the majority on Instagram pointed out that the introduction of the euro has no impact on the growth of costs in their organizations (67%). On LinkedIn, the answers are diametrically opposed, as 73% of the answers indicated that the introduction of the euro in their organizations resulted with increased costs.

When asked whether they plan to increase the prices of their products and services, the answers from followers on these two platforms are different. While followers on Instagram are divided, on LinkedIn they are unanimous that they will not increase the prices of their products and services.

When it comes to communication related to changes in daily business as a result of the introduction of the euro, whether to employees, partners or customers, there is room for improvement. Especially in the part that concerns internal communication. Namely, 75% of followers indicate that in their organizations, employees were not informed about the changes due to the introduction of the euro that concern them. In conclusion, a smaller part points out how their organizations have joined the Code of Ethics for the transparent introduction of the euro.



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