Pearls as an inspiration in communication

With the campaign for the new line of NIVEA products we covered both Croatian and Serbian markets.

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Written by: Nina Marković

Did you know that, in addition to being a favorite fashion accessory since ancient times, pearls also play a protective role against unpleasant odors? This insight was our inspiration for the thecreative press kit we designed for the launch of the new line of NIVEA Pearl&Beauty Black antiperspirants.

Regional approach and optimization of resources

In addition to Croatia, we also introduced the new line to the Serbian market with the help of our partners. This type of activity meant checking the concept regarding their local characteristics, as well as including local jewelry designers. In collaboration with the creative duo “The All”, we created bracelets with black pearls, especially designed for this occasion, packed in velvet jewelry bags in NIVEA blue color.

Through regional cooperation and an integrated approach, we optimized the communication approval process for the client, as well as the administrative process and invested resources.


The goal of the campaign was to reach as many members of the target group as possible through media announcements, which was achieved thanks to a great number of Clipping. In the first month after the launch 42 announcements were published in the leading lifestyle media in Croatian and Serbian markets.


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