First campaign created as a response to the global pandemic

„Let’s make home a better place to be“ as a response to the situation the whole world was in!

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Written by: Andrea Filipović

With the end of April, Philips launched its first global campaign „Let’s make home a better place to be“ as a response to the situation the whole world was in where Coronavirus pandemic caused a significant change in consumers everyday lifes. Most of the population was in quarantine which meant that homes became offices, gyms, kindergardens and schools. Philips wanted to show that everyday life can be much simpler and cosier with Philips inovative technology.

Adjusting the global campaign to Croatian market included products from coffee, garment care, kitchen appliances and floor care categories. Main objectives were to integrate all categories into an umbrella campaign tailored to local consumers and to create a communication concept and a communication plan with a focus on the main messages of the campaign. Our task was to devise which communication tools will be used when addressing consumers in order to gain their attention and stimulate engagement. Given the wide product portfolio, the target group was also very wide and included young and old generations, families, coffee enthusiasts and people who practice a healthy lifestyle.


13 influencers for 4 product categories

Campaign activities included collaboration with the media and influencers. For the purposes of reaching campaign objectives we collaborated with macro and micro influencers who had to show their followers how they use Philips products and what benefits they have from it in everyday life. Following the global communication for “Let’s make home a better place to be” campaign, influencers shared their new way of life and their new daily routine on their Instagram profiles in  the form of posts and stories.

Each category had its representatives. Ella Dvornik, Andrea Andrassy, ​​Luka Bulić and Saša Lozar participated in the coffee category along with Ella and Andrea, Ivan Šarić also participated in the category of garment care. Mateja Krvarić, Nastasja Chiara Petrić and Antea Piplica participated in the category of household appliances, and Indira Levak, Korana Gvozdić, Lea Biljman and Marko Medić in the category of floor care.

Influencers who were engaged in coffee category also participated in the launch of the first online Instagram cafe „Philip’s coffee shop“ created under the creative guidance of Envy agency. For the purposes of promotion of Filip’s coffee shop, a total of four live Instagram events were held, which were attended by 9,978 followers.

We hade media collaborations with five portals –,,, and, which resulted with the potential reach of 6,889,505. Based on a total of 33 PR announcements, we potentially reached 6,648,539 people, and 77 influencer posts had a reach of more than 1,800,000 within the 4 weeks of the campaign.


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