Safety for employees is a priority today

The corona crisis has left a big mark on employees in all industries and triggered a significant wave of change in the business world.

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Written by: Karla Sedak-Benčić

A new Ketchum study conducted in the U.S. market found that nearly two-thirds (63%) of employees changed their job-related priorities significantly. Traditional topics such as career development and advancement have fallen into the background. More than half of employees (52%) claim that security in the workplace is now their number one priority. For the vast majority (79%), an employer’s corporate values ​​have become more important than they were before the pandemic.


Are you aware of new employee profiles?

According to the research, there are four distinct personas making up today’s workforce:

  • “Ready Resumers” – prepared to pick up where things left off; have not shifted their values as a result of COVID-19 (representing 30% of employees)
  • ” Values-Conscious Advancers ” – transformed and looking forward to reconnecting (25%)
  • “Static Sustainers” – content to watch and wait as the COVID-19 crisis plays out (20%)
  • “Anxious Evaluators” – least engaged at work today and most worried about the effects of COVID-19 (25%)

Adapting corporate messages to each type of employee, individualizing the way internal communication takes place – is now imperative. In addition to the fact that more and more employees (74%) expect companies to focus on basic human values ​​such as safety, health, diversity and inclusion, they also expect to be recognized as unique individuals.


In addition, employees expect flexibility, two-way communication, and a vision for the future from their employers. Be honest, communicate in a timely manner, listen to their needs and respond quickly to possible concerns, because your employees are a pillar of your company without which there is no successful future.




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