Soon in Zagreb – DIABLOG

DIABLOG or “Dialogue With Bloggers” is first Croatian bloggers conference which will take place on November 10th 2016 in Zagreb.

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Written by: Dialog Komunikacije

DIABLOG has the tendency to become key platform for exchange of thoughts and opinions between bloggers, agencies, media and advertisers which are the creators of specific form of communication on the market which is nowadays unavoidable in any successful brand campaign.

First Croatian research on bloggers and their community will be presented for the first time on DIABLOG conference. Special emphasis in the research was put on two fields – lifestyle and gastro bloggers scene.

Doris Steiner

Key guest speaker is Doris Steiner from Ketchum, one of the leading global PR agencies. Her major clients are A1, Logitech and Danone, and she is a winner of numerous prestigious awards, including PR Young Cannes Lions.

All news regarding the conference are available at DIABLOG’s social networks (Facebook and Instagram).


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