Soon in Zagreb – the second edition of DIABLOG conference

DIABLOG or blogger dialogue is the first Croatian blogger conference and its second edition will be held at the Academia Hotel on 14 November 2017.

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Written by: Dialog Komunikacije

The main topic of the second DIABLOG conference is measuring the effects of blogger campaigns on brands’ business performance. The keynote speaker will be Erin Salisbury, senior research and analytics consultant at one of the world’s leading communications agencies, Ketchum.

Erin has run projects for measuring results of corporate and brand campaigns for some of the leading global companies such as Philips, Discovery Eurosport, P & G,, IBM and Pfizer. The sponsor of her arrival to Zagreb is Dukat.

The first DIABLOG conference was held in November 2016, and it has been successfully established as a key platform for exchanging thoughts and attitudes between bloggers, influencers, agencies, media and advertisers, who create specific market communication essential for creation of successful brand campaigns.

You can follow conference news at, as well as on DIABLOG Facebook and Instagram pages.


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