Sustainable life and its challenges

Find out what respondents think about sustainable development and how much they apply it in everyday life

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Written by: Tea

Introducing sustainable habits is a process that involves changes not only at the individual level, but also at the organizational level. We asked respondents their thoughts on sustainable development and its implementation in everyday life in this month’s #VoxPopuli poll.

Sustainability is important

The world is undergoing irreversible changes, and the Earth is taking the brunt of the modern way of life. It is becoming pretty apparent that our primary consumer and industrial-oriented civilization is posing a danger to our planet’s survival. Sustainable development requires a shift in thinking based on long-term principles and behaviors. Our most recent study looked at how significant the concept of sustainable business is to a person and came up with a high score of 97%. Only 9% of respondents (91%) use a sustainable lifestyle in their personal and professional lives, whereas an encouraging 69 % of employers use sustainable business in their firms.

We sort trash, but we prefer new clothes

A large number of respondents (77%) separate waste in their homes daily and prioritize water, electricity, and heating conservation. 69% of respondents turn off their computer at the end of the working day, 88% turn off air conditioning when leaving the office, and 67% use double-sided printing regularly, although 73% do not consider reducing letters before printing, which saves paper, toner, and electricity. When it comes to personal behaviors, purchasing second-hand clothing was the worst, with only 36% of respondents doing this.

What employers do

When it comes to long-term business sustainability, employers have a lot of power. The use of recycled paper in workplaces is popular; 63% of respondents said their employers use biodegradable toners for printing, and 79% said their employers use recycled paper. Employers use the same percentage of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, and they all have waste separation bins.

To summarise, Croatia has achieved significant progress of public awareness and sustainable living, but we still have a long way to go to achieve to protect our beautiful planet and make it a better place for future generations.


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