As much as 46 influencer cooperations made for ABOUT YOU campaign

ABOUT YOU offers more than 100,000 products and more than 700 brands. The company was founded in 2014 by young entrepreneurs Tarek Müller (31), Sebastian Betz (29) and Hannes Wiese (38), and in just six years became one of the largest European clothing stores with an annual revenue of 742 million euros.

Our task within the big launch on the Croatian market was to achieve the visibility of the ABOUT YOU brand through cooperation with influential people and the media, that is, to reach as many potential users of the platform with information about the launch of the ABOUT YOU online store.

Carefully planned timing 

The campaign consisted of a teaser and a reveal phase. During the teaser phase, we collaborated with as many as 46 influencers, who had the task of posting Instagram posts wearing ABOUT YOU T-shirts with various inscriptions such as “There is something new ABOUT YOU” or “The club is crazy ABOUT YOU”. A lot of famous people participated in the campaign, such as Marijana Batinić, Ella Dvornik, Andrea Andrassy, ​​Slavko Sobin and Lana Jurčević.

On the day of the launch, we sent a press release revealing the launch of the ABOUT YOU online store on the Croatian market.

Over the next two weeks, all of the influencers who participated in the campaign did a fashion haul on their Instagram profiles. The fashion haul consisted of eight to ten Instagram story posts in which influencers showed clothes they ordered from ABOUT YOU while sharing discount codes for their followers.

Eleven million views

We have collaborated with 46 influencers. Potential reach of story posts for fashion haul was 11,373,021 views. Best results were achieved by influencers Jelena Marinović, Marina Karatović Mišura and Ella Dvornik.

We generated a total of 26 PR posts with a potential reach of 7,681,639 and placed one exclusive interview aimed at a B2B audience.