ChatGPT represents an opportunity, but cannot replace human creativity

Various forms of artificial intelligence have been present in almost every part of private and business life for years. Although the use of artificial intelligence often makes life easier, it is good to ask if and where to draw the line. And in trend is currently one of the most up-to-date versions of artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, which everyone has at least heard of and many have used.

Through our #VoxPopuli survey, we tried to find out how the examinees see the evolution of artificial intelligence in ChatGPT, a program that can design texts for social networks, idea concepts of campaigns and much more.


Artificial intelligence is an opportunity, not a threat


In the survey we conducted on Instagram, over half of the examinees (74%) answered that artificial intelligence represents an opportunity for business development and much less (26%) saw it as a threat. On the other hand, slightly fewer respondents (64%) encounter artificial intelligence daily, and 36% of them do not. A very high 89% of people know what ChatGPT is, while 58% of them have used it at least once.


ChatGPT can be useful in the communication industry 


When it comes to ChatGPT as a trend, 35% of respondents think it is temporary, and 65% think it is permanent. However, opinions are not so divided when it comes to how useful ChatGPT is in the communication industry, as even 95% of respondents consider it so. Despite this, only 21% of examinees think ChatGPT will one day replace them in the workplace and even 75% think it will have a positive impact on the communication industry.


ChatGPT is also creative, but not as much as human 


The majority of respondents (94%) think that ChatGPT can help in writing texts, and 60% of them also in choosing influencers. However, 95% of respondents believe that ChatGPT, despite all its possibilities, cannot replace human creativity.


In addition to Instagram, we also surveyed our followers on LinkedIn about artificial intelligence and ChatGPT. Results, when it comes to human creativity, are very similar and even 82% of respondents there also believe that human creativity is unsurpassed. However, the same percentage of respondents on LinkedIn consider artificial intelligence and ChatGPT an opportunity.