Five tips on how to work smarter and faster

In our daily work, we use various applications that help us to complete work tasks faster and more efficiently, freeing up our time for fun and creative activities. Below we present five tools that will simplify your work and everyday life. Some of them you probably already use, and some you will explore, and maybe even love.



Canva is an extremely useful online tool that has made designing possible for anyone who is not a professional graphic designer. It is getting better and better, so today in Canva you can remove the background or delete objects that bother you in interior photography at one click. It will also help you to make presentations that will delight the client.



ReMarkable is a tablet whose screen looks like paper and can completely replace it in your workplace, and it is truly an ingenious solution for anyone who likes to write down their ideas, and would like to do it more sustainably and without creating waste. You can draft your thoughts or write down important information from meetings, which you can then easily send by e-mail.



ChatGPT can be a very useful tool in a public relations agency, but also in all other activities, and it can help you in creating creative concepts, analysis and sentiment of articles, public opinion research and other quantitative or qualitative research. It will also serve as inspiration for copywriting.



Trello is one of the many applications that can help you and your team organize better and more successfully. This web application is used to organize ideas and work tasks, track completed tasks in to-do lists and manage projects, and uses boards, lists and cards to make organizing tasks easier.



Good old Excel is still extremely useful for organizing tasks or creating reports for everyone who knows how to use it and who is familiar with its magic, so we can’t help but mention it. Charts, filtering and sorting are only part of the story, and for those who know its advanced functions, life can really be simpler.