We have presented Ecover – rebel in the cleaning category

From biodegradable plant-based ingredients and plastic bottles made from recycled plastic, to the fact that most products are created in a Zero Waste factory, Ecover pushes the boundaries in sustainable living and home cleaning. With our help, this Belgian brand presented itself to the Croatian market with a new, expanded range that fights for the preservation of the planet.


Cooperation with the Humana Nova association


We presented the innovations in the Ecover product range in two phases. In the first phase, the emphasis was on traditional public relations tools. In the second phase we conducted a campaign with influencers. We started the campaign with a press release in which we presented not only the new products, but also the way in which Ecover carries out its mission of a clean world and how it differs from other brands on the market.

Through cooperation with influencers, we wanted to present Ecover to everyone who believes that by choosing quality and ecological products, they can contribute to the fight for a cleaner community and world. For cooperation, we have chosen people whose example and values correspond with the values of the brand – Ida Prester, Barbara Vesanović, Matea Frajsberger, Martina Palić and Marko Medić. Through their content, they presented how they share the Ecover philosophy of a clean world. Also, through everyday examples, they showed us how the brand fits into their lifestyle.


Photo: Ecover post from Barbara’s Instagram profile


Through their posts, influencers supported the in-store activation of the brand. They invited their followers to bring old clothes to the selected point of sale and receive a product as a gift. In cooperation with the Humana Nova association, Ecover organized creative workshops on site, where visitors could make different items such as ornaments, handbags and toys from old clothes. The response was great. As part of the activation, 356 kilograms of old clothes were collected, which will be repurposed or recycled in cooperation with Humana Nova.


Photo: Creative Ecover Workshop  – Ida’s post


We have reached more than one and a half million users


By combining different tools, we successfully presented Ecover news to the target audience. Through cooperation with influencers, 15 posts and 63 Instagram Stories were published, which achieved more than half a million impressions. The brand had additional visibility on its channels through their content during the two months of the campaign. At the same time, the engagement rate (ER) of the campaign was more successful than the average ER based on their followers. In total, we reached more than 1.5 million users with the campaign.