Clubhouse – the elitism of the digital age

Clubhouse users can listen and also actively participate in other people’s conversations, interviews and discussions on various, individually selected topics. The specificity of the platform is that it works on an invitation system. In order to start using it, one of the existing users has to make a call to you (which is limited to two people), which makes the whole concept extremely intriguing. It feels like someone has invited you to a private party of elite society.


Blame it on Elon Musk

Despite the fact that the Clubhouse has existed since March 2020, when it was started by the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, its exponential growth happened only recently, when Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX (among others), organized one of the voice chats within the app. The event exceeded the limits of the chat room and was later broadcast via YouTube live streaming. In doing so, Musk helped take Clubhouse to the top of the list of the most desirable chat apps, causing a real craze for invitations. Meanwhile, new features have been announced, such as tips, tickets, or subscriptions, as a form of direct payment to app creators for its use.


Lust as a proven formula for success

When you add a bit of additional limitation to an already existing limited-reach system based on the invitation mechanism in terms of making the app available only to iPhone users, you get the “dark object of desire” of every trendsetter. It is therefore not surprising that Clubhouse currently has 2 million users, while this time last year there were only 1,500 of them. According to current information, the demand for membership is so great that in China invitations are “sold” in markets as well.

How long Clubhouse will continue its exponential development will depend, among other things, on the argument that Elon Musk said during conversation with Tenev, which consists in the fact that people do not have the ability to rapidly change the context and that the characteristic of the platform for an individual to select and follow one or a number of topics of interest to him/her will contribute to the further popularization of this latest online phenomenon.