Proven Recipe for Success Leads to Fantastic Results

In order to encourage as many people as possible to adopt sustainable habits and thus prevent their favorite pieces of clothing and household textiles from prematurely ending up in landfills, in collaboration with content creators, we continued the educational campaign on social networks for the Ecover brand, which has cleaning, laundry and fabric care products in its portfolio with biodegradable, carefully selected plant-based ingredients.

A proven recipe for success


Based on previous experience, we repeated the ingredients that are key to the success of an influencer campaign:

  • The right message at the right time – the first days of spring always encourage us to tidy up our closets, but also to refresh our home so that it shines in the spring sun;
  • Practical examples – we integrated Ecover products into everyday situations that our desired target group can identify with and showed sustainable habits that they can easily and simply adopt;
  • Content creators with whom we share values – with their help and charm, we turned the content into engaging and interesting content that can be used to educate or inspire, whether it’s about vintage pieces, preserving favorite clothes or refreshing household textiles.

Example of content from the campaign

Source: Ida Prester’s Instagram profile


Less is sometimes more

The campaign involved content creators and influencers Ida Prester, Marijana Batinić and Iva Šutić, each in their own way and with the choice of themes and ideas that fit into their lifestyle. We published a total of five Instagram Reel and Photo posts and seven Instagram Stories. Over 8,000 interactions were achieved, with the content being viewed more than three million times.