What no one told you about event management

Many say that event management is one of the most stressful jobs. If you ask us if the stress is worth it, the answer is yes, very much so! We have already shared with you how to reduce that stress level through good organization by following all important steps in event planning. Below we share with you a few things which you maybe did not know until now.


1. 9 to 5 working hours will take a slightly different form


Be prepared to be the first one to arrive at the venue and the last one to leave. Don’t forget that you are in charge of everything – you must have all the strings in your hands, from the beginning till the end! From scouting locations to negotiating with all the vendors, event coordination is up to you, so plan your schedule wisely. In addition to outstanding organizational skills, we can underline the sentence that “event management” equals “time management”.


2. You will get your body in top shape!


If someone told you that at two in the morning you will be shaking off the sequins from the tablecloth, would you believe them? Such scenarios are a normal part of this job, as well as running from one place to another, especially on the day of the event. Keep in mind that you will be doing all of this without your favorite sneakers. On the positive side, your number of steps will drastically increase during the week of the event, and your calorie intake will decrease, so your figure will be in great condition! You will probably feel like you have successfully run a marathon the morning after the event, so give yourself time to recover and believe me, as soon as everything is finished, the feeling of satisfaction will be priceless, and you will be looking forward to the next event.


3. Mastering Zen level


Most of the things that would drive others insane won’t even bother you. Your brain will be working 24/7. You will be spinning your “to-do list” in your head, and the list of suppliers will be on your peed dial. Over time, you will realize that your stress level is decreasing and that you are in control of crisis situations that you thought would cost you a lot more nerves. Your big advantage is that you will be able to apply these qualities in other aspects of your daily work. Be consistent and in time you will feel like a true Zen master who does not fear stress.


4. In the end, everything will pay off


OK, you knew you were creative, but you didn’t expect to surprise even yourself when you saw the atmosphere you created with a budget that was, to say the least, restrictive. In fact, you will realize that those challenges give you great satisfaction that in the end, all that effort and stress pays off.


The task list will often make you dizzy, and you will have the impression that the work is never ending. However, over time, you will become better and more organized, and you will be able to recognize more easily what is important and urgent. For sure, there will me many challenges along the way, but if you know what to expect, it is much easier to cope with it.