How to do something good for the planet and impress your mother-in-law at the same time

ECOVER, a Belgian brand of ecological household cleaning products, has been taking care of not only our homes’ cleanliness but also the environment’s cleanliness for almost 40 years. On the occasion of Earth Day, celebrated on April 22nd each year, we created a campaign for Ecover with the idea to highlight the significance of every action, no matter how small, in helping to preserve our planet.




To encourage as many people as possible to think about how they can do something good for our planet in their everyday lives in their households, we invited selected influencers and content creators to join Ecover’s Earth Day challenge and show examples from their everyday lives of what each of us can do in our household to be more responsible towards the environment.


For social networks users and influencers’ followers to identify as easily as possible with the content and the message we wanted to express, the idea was to create fun and authentic content. We, therefore, proposed different challenges that involved tidying up and cleaning with different laundry, dishwashing and household cleaning products from the Ecover range. Tasks ranged from creativity in the kitchen and coming up with meals from plant-based foods that the influencers currently have in their household, to fashion and choosing second-hand and vintage clothing combinations, super-fast cleaning to unusual outfits and dance-singing performances while cleaning the apartment.


Among the proposed challenges, influencers could choose what seemed most interesting to them or develop their own idea. Well-known artist Ida Prester, content creator Barbara Vesanović and presenter Marijana Batinić participated in various creative challenges and shared them as Instagram Reels on their profiles, inviting their followers to join. Judging by the number of likes and comments, the challenge was most successfully completed by Marijana Batinić, who in the first video showed not only environmental awareness, but also enviable speed in cleaning the apartment before the arrival of her mother-in-law, and in the second how the Saturday cleaning fever looks like with Ecover and some dance moves from the 90s.


An example of Marijana Batinić’s challenge:



Three influencers and more than a million impressions


By creating content with influencers, we achieved excellent results in the campaign. Seven Instagram Reels videos and 25 Instagram stories were published, which achieved more than a million impressions! Almost 20 thousand likes and comments show that the content was liked by the followers. Finally, the success of the campaign is confirmed by its average engagement rate (ER), which is more successful than the average ER according to the number of followers in the rank in which are the influencers who participated in the campaign.



Author of the photography: Envy