How to combine sustainability and brand campaign

To encourage as many people as possible to adopt sustainable habits and thereby prevent their favourite pieces of clothing from heading to the landfill too soon, we realized an educational campaign on social networks in cooperation with content creators for Ecover. In its portfolio, Ecover has cleaning, washing and laundry care products with biodegradable, carefully selected plant-based ingredients. Five content creators participated in the campaign with a total of 14 feed posts and 24 Stories on Instagram, and one TikTok video, which achieved almost 2.5 million impressions.


Below, read the three key ingredients in our recipe for success:


1. A clear message at the right time

The key message of the campaign was that with the biodegradable, carefully selected plant-based ingredients in Ecover laundry products, clothes become clean and fragrant, while at the same time the fabric fibres remain strong, which helps clothes last longer. In order for our message to come across, we chose the right time to market it, in early autumn when we are cleaning up summer clothes and refreshing autumn pieces.


2. Useful tips in an easily understandable format

Together with content creators for social networks, we created a series of educational tips in different formats to show that proper care of clothes can extend their life. We have comprehensively covered ideas on how to properly organize and store summer clothes so that they remain clean and fresh for next year, tips for refreshing the autumn-winter collection and for washing clothes in a more environmentally friendly way.


An example of post on Iva Šutić‘s Instagram profile


3. Selection of authentic creators

Considering the topics, we have selected several content creators who share the values of the Ecover brand and can convey to their followers tips for proper care of clothes and household fabrics in an authentic way. Creators who have participated in the campaign were insta-mom Iva Šutić, greenfluencer Matea Frajsberger, author of a blog dedicated to interiors and DIY projects Martina Palić, fashion stylist and designer of the LFP Collection brand Ana Bacinger and Ida Prester, a singer and presenter who is among the most famous lovers of vintage fashion and second-hand clothing items. Each of them has incorporated Ecover into their everyday life in their own way and has shown by their own example sustainable choices that not only take care of their clothes and their home, but also the environment.


An example of Matea Frajsberger‘s TikTok video


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