How to find the right employee: a degree is important, but not the most important

At Dialog, a diploma has never been the most important requirement for employment or advancement in the agency hierarchy. When hiring young colleagues, the approach to work and the desire to learn and advance, as well as the assessment of compatibility with our organizational culture, are crucial. When engaging people in middle and high positions, in addition to all of the above, experience in the profession, or specific competencies, is also important.

At Dialog, we strengthen human resources through job vacancies, student internships in connection with which we cooperate with several educational institutions, or through open requests for which we also have a special place on our website.


The focus is on the purpose and balance between private and business


Generation Z is looking for employers where, in addition to fair conditions, good interpersonal relations, professionalism in communication, the possibility of advancement, work on interesting projects and flexible working conditions, they will achieve a quality balance between private and business life. It is also important for Gen Z to feel a higher purpose, something that the company stands for in addition to good business results.

The purpose is very important to us, so today we are even more engaged than before in supporting the community, encouraging inclusivity and efforts in the field of environmental and nature protection. Thus, at the end of 2020, we launched The Green Hub, a platform for consulting companies in sustainable business, and last year we also launched two new projects in that territory – the Green Challenge and the Green Bonus.

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