We sharpened our pencils and took part in #EUPopUp quizzes

Lovers of quizzes had the opportunity to test their knowledge of various exciting things related to the European continent and EU member states during three #EUPopUp quizzes in the organizations of the Representation of the European Commission in Croatia and the Croatian Quiz Association.


The European Commission also prepared prizes for the most successful contestants, and Croatian Quiz Association ensured the questions were interesting and challenging. To stimulate interest in events and as many applications for participation as possible, we designed and implemented a campaign through social networks and channels of the Representative Office, CQA and influencers.


Interactive content and influencers 


We conducted the campaign in three phases, taking into account the dates of the quizzes. The first quiz in the Christmas edition was held on December 12th, 2022, the second on January 23rd, and the third quiz on March 6th this year in Zagreb’s Vintage Industrial bar. We designed a key visual and campaign # for the campaign that we adapted at each stage and used as part of the content on the Representation’s website and through social networks.

We promoted the quiz through Facebook events, announcements with an invitation to participate on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and interactive Instagram quizzes that we published as Instagram Stories. The Croatian Quiz Association also published invitations.

To encourage as many followers on social networks as possible to sign up, regardless of whether they are avid quiz takers or want to have fun and learn something new, we also collaborated with influencers in the campaign. Well-known TV personality Ivan Šarić and travel influencer Sandra Petrač invited followers on their channels to join.

Ivan took part in the first quiz and published live content motivating his followers to help him in the examination, excelling not only as a competitive quizzer but also as a presenter.


An example of post from Sandra Petrač


Learning in a fun way 


On the channels of the Representative Office, quizzes have been a very successful way to encourage follower engagement. Through three rounds of mini-quiz in this format, we recorded as many as 943 answers to 18 questions.

The multiplier posts achieved more than 270,000 impressions and contributed to the project’s visibility, and with each quiz, the audience’s interest in signing up for the event grew. The success of this project is best expressed by the number of applicants and the fact that 163 people participated in all the quizzes, exchanging knowledge and learning about the EU and Europe in a fun and exciting way.