When life gives you lemons, you make the new hot app Lemon8

The application Lemon8 began in Asian countries, primarily Singapore and Japan. When this interesting platform arrived in the USA and Great Britain, it became one of the most downloaded apps in the world. Read below why Lemon8 is getting increasingly popular, what it offers and what the concept of this platform is.


How does Lemon8 work?


Lemon8 is an app with a similar layout to Pinterest and TikTok. Depending on their content, it categorizes posts into five groups: beauty, fashion, food, travel, and pets. Also, the application contains a “For You page” and “Following” functionalities like those on TikTok.

Customers can post short videos and pictures on Lemon8, but the central concept of the platform is to present the products themselves, give some specifications about them, and promote them. You will not find memes on Lemon8, but more presentations, product descriptions, advices, and short tutorials. The unique feature that the app has is the ability to edit posts and add graphic elements to them.


What do users say about the app?


In Lemon8 reviews, users say it reminds them of Instagram and Pinterest. They say the app is easy to use, primarily because of the division into categories, so they can find out what interests them. Also, they feel that the app provides helpful tips for learning new skills. Many users like the app’s different templates and instructions for editing their posts.

Unfortunately, the Lemon8 application is not yet available for download in the rest of Europe, including Croatia. Once it is available in Croatia, we look forward to testing and seeing the unique features that Lemon8 keeps and hides.