Formula for eternal youth and successful market launch

We would all like to magically preserve the youthful appearance of our face and enjoy it all our lives, but at certain ages there comes a moment when our reflection in the mirror is not the one we wish for. Aging is a process that we cannot prevent, but we can slow it down thanks to the innovative formula of the new NIVEA Cellular Expert Lift products. On the terrace of the charming “A most unusual garden”, in a retro edition and with favorite music hits from the 80s, we managed to convince numerous media representatives and influencers in this.


An integrated solution


The event for the presentation of the new line of NIVEA products was just an introduction to an integrated campaign that included a creative press kit and influencer campaign joined by the famous actress Bojana Gregorić Vejzović and presenter Antonija Blaće. Through posts on their Instagram channels, the influencers presented the concept of the product and its benefits, and activated their followers with a prize contest.

Thanks to the large number of achieved media releases, we reached the target group and achieved 35 releases in the leading lifestyle media in one month after the presentation of the new line. Additional proof of a successful campaign is the excellent sales results and the highest market share of that franchise in the entire year.



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