We have launched Central Point Adria

In cooperation with colleagues from the Olaf & McAteer agency, today we have launched a new brand on the communication market called Central Point Adria. Central Point Adria is a regional hub for providing communication management services in the Adriatic region. In addition to Croatia, it covers the markets of Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Albania.


Benefits for clients


It provides clients with an in-depth insight into regional markets, the combined know-how of the Dialog and Olaf agencies and the possibility of optimizing resources. It works on the SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) principle. This means that clients, in accordance with their own organizational scheme, choose whether to leave the management of communication in the region to the teams in Zagreb or Belgrade.


Marina Čulić Fischer, director of the Dialog komunikacije agency, said: “We are proud to have turned our long-term partnership with colleagues and friends from Olaf into a collaboration that will provide both us and our clients the opportunity for further development and progress. We see great potential in regional connection. Central Point Adria represents an opportunity for more effective communication between our partners and opens up a number of new business opportunities.”



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