Who are sinnfluencers and what do they want share with us?


From global threats such as pandemics, environmental pollution, poverty, limited human rights and freedoms, the problems of modern society are endless. It is therefore not surprising that there is a growing awareness of them and the need for action, especially among younger generations who are empowered by information and knowledge and are globally hyper-connected. This is precisely the main characteristics of a kind of activism on social networks that is increasingly being noticed and which, as a trend, establishes a somewhat different form of influence than what we usually see on the profiles of influencers, i.e., content creators and people who are influential on social networks due to a large number of followers. Meet sinnfluencers!


What is it all about?


The term sinnfluencers originated from the German language based on the word “sinn”, which means purpose or meaning, and influencer as a person with a specific influence. In short, they are new types of influencers and content creators who are dedicated to a purpose that is socially responsible by its nature. By discussing socially relevant topics like environmental protection, social issues, or politics, they establish themselves as the voice of a new, aware generation, and through the content they share on their profiles, they present a positive role model that others can follow and educate their followers about the topic they are passionate about.


Are they different from “ordinary” influencers?


Just like “regular” influencers, sinnfluencers use social media to create content and share their ideas and thoughts with others. Their focus is much more on specific sensitive topics, but they can also promote products they use daily while paying attention to alternatives that are more sustainable, inclusive, or otherwise appropriate for the subject they primarily discuss. For instance, sinnfluencers focused on environmental concerns will support local fashion brands and small vegetable producers through their content or recommend environmentally friendly care products. They won’t promote goods and services to make money or encourage consumerism and will likely speak out against bad practices they see. From a commercial point of view, for brands whose purpose and values they share, sinnfluencers will most likely be a perfect match.


The grass is not greener on the other side


Sinnfluencers are perhaps most often associated with environmental protection issues and the fight against climate change, but there are also examples regarding health, human rights and freedoms. We are happy that we were able to find positive and inspiring examples on the domestic scene as well. For instance, among well-known examples of profiles dedicated to environmental protection are @ditch.plastic.croatia and @jaboljigradjanin. @grofdrakula does not fail to draw attention to any form of social injustice, and through criticism of social events, it teaches the community about values that include equality, rights and freedom for all members of society. A particularly sensitive topic, mental health, is talked about too by @t_e_n_a, who selflessly shares her experiences in the struggle against mental illness and teaches others how not to stigmatize people who encounter these challenges.

The areas and topics that sinnfluencers can deal with are countless, so it is very likely that the sinnfluencers “market” will grow significantly over time. Every positive example and action aimed at a brighter future should be embraced, and to successfully share their purpose with others, it will be crucial for sinnfluencers to remain authentic and committed to their values and efforts.