How to bring the specifications of the new leading model of mobile photography closer to the public?

The fifth smartphone manufacturer in the world, vivo, was introduced to the Croatian market a year ago. In one year, the technological giant presented, among other things, the flagship X80 Pro, while in February 2023, the campaign for the launch of the new flagship vivo X90 Pro started.

The agency’s task on this occasion was to bring to the public the specifications of the new leading model of the vivo family, which is also one of the best devices for mobile photography in general. The vivo X90 Pro combines outstanding industry-leading photography and recording technologies, developed in collaboration with ZEISS optics, with the latest computing technologies, developed in-house and in partnership with MediaTek.


About the campaign


With the help of several different PR tools, the campaign aimed to continue the media perception established by the launch of the X80 Pro and to further establish the position of vivo as an authority in mobile photography. However, this time, due to the impressive camera of the X90 Pro device and the photos created with it, we managed to reach several lifestyle media.

The campaign started in mid-February and divided actions into three phases – 1. teaser, with an online ZEISS panel discussion and organized meetings with vivo EHQ and NDA journalists, 2. launch divided into SoC (start-of-communication) and SoS (start-of-sales) publication of press releases and device reviews and 3. sustain with circular reviews and soft press releases on the specifications of the latest device.


Reviews to greater visibility


In the first part of the campaign, we announced the arrival of the vivo X90 Pro device with a panel discussion on vivo x ZEISS Mobile Imaging Trends 2023, where journalists could get an insight into how the two companies work together to develop and improve software and hardware components from generation to generation. The online briefings with NDA journalists proved particularly interesting in this part of the campaign, which was also the premiere of this approach to strengthen the media-client process.

In the launch phase of the campaign, we distributed two announcements – one in mid-April, which was the signal for the start of communication about the arrival of the flagship X90 Pro on the Croatian market, and the second at the end of April, in which we informed the public about the appearance of the device on the Croatian market. We made 27 announcements in the media – 13 for the first and 14 for the second press release. In addition, five reviews were published in the press 24 SATA, Večernji list, Globus,, and Bug in this phase.


Soft announcements with native access


In the last phase of the campaign, we sent announcements about the specifications of the X90 Pro device once a week, which focused on the features of the top camera of this mobile phone. Most of those announcements had a “native” approach to the topic, so the statement turned out to be very interesting, in which we learn from the perspective of a professional photographer why the X90 Pro camera is better than the camera of its predecessor. Telling the story about the camera, vivo proved interesting to several lifestyle media, which is a reasonable basis for continued cooperation.

In addition, circular reviews were also active in this phase in the media, such as, (on whose Tik Tok profile the review was also published),, and RTL’s Tehnolovac show. In the third phase, we had 19 proactive announcements and we expect reviews on,, and

During the campaign, we had 46 media announcements and 13 device reviews, and compared to the competition in May, vivo retained third place (out of a total of nine), with a neutral and positive tone.