The power of sport in a promotion

In the latest Vox Populi survey that we conducted on social media, we asked followers how actively they follow sports competitions, and how sponsorships and sports ambassadors influence their spending habits. The results showed, among other things, that the majority of respondents believe that athletes are a good choice for brand ambassadors.


Connecting brands with sports is a good decision

As many as 64% of followers who filled out the survey on Instagram declared that they actively follow sports competitions. At the same time, a larger percentage declared that they planned to follow the upcoming sports events – 80% of respondents at the beginning of June said that they would follow the European Football Championship, and 72% would follow the Summer Olympics. At the same time, all respondents on LinkedIn believe that connecting brands with sports is a good decision, and the majority of respondents on Instagram, 82% of them, agree with this.


Does sponsorship influence purchase decisions?

We asked our followers on social media which sport they think is the best to invest in, and many followers said that the best to invest in is football. When asked whether sports sponsorship influences their purchase decisions, only 19% of respondents on LinkedIn and 14% of respondents on Instagram responded positively. As brands that stand out as sports sponsors, they singled out Ožujsko, Telemach and Ina on the domestic market, and among foreign brands they singled out Pepsi, Nike and Adidas.


Almost everyone thinks that athletes are a good choice for brand ambassadors

By the end of the survey on sports and branding, we came up with the topic of athletes as brand ambassadors. Almost all respondents, 97% on LinkedIn and 95% on Instagram, believe that athletes are a good choice for brand ambassadors. At the same time, a smaller number of respondents, 24% of them, trust the product promoted by their favorite athlete more.

When it comes to domestic athletes, our followers on Instagram named Luka Modrić, Joško Guardiol and Vedran Ćorluka as the best brand ambassadors, while when it comes to foreign athletes, one name appeared in the largest number of answers – Cristiano Ronaldo.