Turn on your OOO and enjoy your vacation!

It’s time for your annual leave! While you pack your bags and prepare for a complete mental and physical restart, do not carry worries and obligations with you. A vacation is a period when we must fully dedicate ourselves to our own well-being, take a deserved break from all personal and professional challenges, and recharge our batteries for everything that awaits us for the rest of the year. Numerous studies show that the vast majority of employees are significantly more productive after their vacation, and at the same time, the risks of health complications and burnout are reduced. A vacation is a win-win situation, benefiting not only the employees but also their employers, who will have more satisfied and productive workers throughout the year.

Turning off work-related worries is not an easy task, so we offer some useful tips to keep in mind if you want to fully enjoy the pleasure of your vacation without guilt or constant fear of having to answer calls or turn on your laptop.


Plan wisely and prepare your colleagues


Before you turn on the OOO (out of the office) option on your email and disappear from the workplace at the speed of light, keep in mind that the sooner you finish urgent tasks and leave no loose ends behind, the easier it will be to disconnect from unwanted work thoughts during your vacation. Thoroughly brief your colleagues on the activities and responsibilities you are entrusting to them and provide them with written instructions on what to expect while you are away. This way, you won’t worry about what’s happening at work and whether everything is under control, and your colleagues will appreciate the clear guidance.


Activate OOO and inform your collaborators about your absence


While you enjoy your vacation carefree and leisure time, remember that the OOO (out of the office) automatic email response is currently your best friend. Notify partners, clients, and external collaborators of how long you will be away from the workplace and who they can contact for ongoing issues. In the automatic message sent to each sender, provide all the necessary information and contacts concisely to avoid unwanted calls and messages while you enjoy your zen.


Set boundaries and savor the present moment


The most crucial step for a complete relaxation is to distance yourself from work communication channels. Try to check emails as little as possible while on vacation and realize how important it is to indulge in the pleasure of the present moment and not think about work. Try leaving your phone in your apartment or room while you relax on the beach and enjoy the most beautiful moments with family or friends; most colleagues and collaborators understand that vacations are for resting.


Engage in activities that relax YOU


Now is the time to enjoy what you have been dreaming about and eagerly awaiting all year. Whether it’s just lying on the beach and soaking up the sun, enjoying water sports, or having a cocktail at a summer party, try to indulge in things that fulfill you, as it will leave you more refreshed, healthier, and ultimately more productive when you return to work. You know best what you need for a good vacation; we are all different. For some, lazing on the beach is the best form of rest and relaxation, while for others, exploration, long hikes, and mountain climbing are what they need to recharge. Your desires and needs are important; you are the creator of your ideal vacation, so dedicate yourself to yourself!

In short, a carefree vacation is only possible with good organization, setting boundaries, and complete relaxation. In doing so, remember that taking care of yourself is the most important aspect if we want to have long-term success and a fulfilling life, both personally and professionally. Enjoy your vacation and try to use your phone and other gadgets only to capture memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.