It’s time for changes in the way of doing business

Plastic is an irreplaceable material and today there is practically no area of ​​life without it. For this reason, plastics pollution, but also pollution  with other types of waste and their disposal are some of the biggest problems in the world at the moment. The environmental crisis indicates the need to act in the sphere of individuals, companies and political structures at all levels.

In order to detect the attitudes of decision makers and employees within companies on the topic of environmental protection and the sustainable way of doing business, we conducted the fourth #DialogKnows survey.

Everyone recycles?

All respondents agreed that environmental pollution is one of the biggest problems of the modern world, and proper waste disposal has emerged as one of the key issues in this area. As many as 84.4% of respondents agreed that the issue of waste in Croatia is not adequately taken care of, but the fact that 90.3% of them regularly recycle glass, paper, plastic and bio waste is encouraging.

Although all respondents (100%) answered that personal choices when buying products or services can influence the reduction of environmental pollution, just over half (57%) said that when buying products or services they choose the manufacturer who cares about the environment over one who does not. There is obviously room for improvement in this section, which can be achieved through more intensive communication and raising awareness of related issues.

Social Responsibility

As the issue of environmental protection is the responsibility of the individual, but also the company, we were interested in how important it is for respondents that the company they work for takes care of it and 70.3% of them answered that it is important to them. 81,3% stated that they would be willing to make an extra effort to make their business environment more sustainable.

When it comes to sustainable business, 76.6% of respondents believe that it would be useful to organize training and workshops for employees about the transition to sustainable business, and 69.8% of them believe that socially responsible activities of their company should be focused on sustainability.

In conclusion, the transition to a sustainable way of doing business is imposed as a direction in which individuals and companies will have to develop in order to reduce the harmful impact on the Earth and expand the positive impact on the society in which we all live.