A good tech employer brand is a path not only to talent, but also to customers

When it comes to tech companies, a good employer brand is not only a prerequisite for attracting and retaining excellent employees, but also an irreplaceable sales tool. Namely, according to a LinkedIn survey conducted among more than four thousand B2B organizations (potential buyers) and marketing experts in the tech segment, a very high 88% of buyers stated that it is important that the B2B tech brands they work with have a positive perception as potential employers. On the contrary, only 5% of marketing experts believe that the fact that tech company is not perceived as a great place to work would not influence the potential buyer’s decision to cooperate with that company.


The conclusion is clear – the employer brand is not only a key part of the overall reputation of a tech company, but also something that directly affects the attraction of buyers, sales growth, and then the profitability and development of the company itself.


What do customers recognize as a good tech employer brand?


According to the previously mentioned research, there are three determinants of a good employer brand of a tech company, judging by the expectations and thoughts of their potential customers and buyers. The priority is the balance between work and private life (44 %), followed by opportunities for professional development and career advancement (40 %) and a positive impact on society and the community (36 %). Their attitudes go beyond thinking about the functional characteristics of products or the prices of services, and focus on the values of the company itself and people as its most important resource.


It is a legitimate assumption that if a company treats its employees well, it will treat its business partner with the same respect and collaborate in best faith. Also, that happy and satisfied employees, who are also top experts in their work, will provide the service expected in this highly competitive and innovative industry.


How to turn the employer brand into a sales tool?


Unlimited coffee, chocolate bars and a place to relax sound great, but they can hardly attract talent if various other competitive conditions such as a financial package, flexible work options or opportunities for professional development are not offered too. The beginning of everything is an understanding of market opportunities, the ability to respond to the demands of the labor market and the  value that the company can offer. Human resources specialists play an extremely important role here, just like internal communication specialists. However, in the mature phase, when the unique value that the company offers as an employer is defined, and the employer brand is built on a healthy and solid foundation, the external public becomes crucial.


Communication with the business community, potential employees and customers, media and influencers requires a different approach and channels, even though the messages are similar. By profiling the target group and desired clients, and the best tools to get closer to them, we can start telling the story of the company and present its values. At the same time, the employer brand becomes part of an integrated communication strategy and communication efforts with various interested public, contributing to the company’s positive reputation.