Creative video format for the promotion of European Commission policies

The goal of the #EUtalks – Priča(j)mo Europski (engl. Let’s talk European) campaign was to bring the priorities of the European Commission closer to the general public and to explain how its activities are aimed at improving the lives of residents in the European Union, with a special emphasis on Croatia.


How was the campaign implemented?


Considering that the campaign was focused on social networks, influencers marketing was chosen as a key tool. The campaign was adapted to different target groups through two formats of video content and two groups of influencers. The backbone of the campaign were video interviews in which the well-known host and stand-up comedian Ivan Šarić took several famous faces in a casual walk and talked with them about topics relevant to their lifestyle and career, related to the areas in which the European Commission promotes and proposes various measures and policies.

In a conversation with Ivan, Nevena Rendeli, Ida Prester, Jan de Jong and Marina Matijević presented their views on the actions and policies implemented by the European Commission and commented on numerous current events and changes that await us. Some of the topics we dealt with are digitalization, ecology, solidarity and equality. Special attention was given to the near introduction of the euro and Croatia’s entry into the Schengen area.

Well-known content creators Marie Wasler and Dario Marčac independently created content for their profiles on social networks, according to predefined guidelines. Through videos, they shared with their followers how the values of the EU correspond with their life values and attitudes. The emphasis was on digital skills, education, but also a healthy and active lifestyle.

The campaign also covered some of the most common prejudices about the European Commission. After the filming was over, we surprised Nevena, Ida, Jan and Marina with questions about some of them and checked if they thought it was a myth or truth. Through honest reactions, we got an extra dose of humor and casualness, but also found out that they recognize quite well what is a myth and what is the truth.


How successful was the campaign?


Authentic thoughts and experiences of influential people were the key to go beyond the reach of the European Commission channels and bring current topics closer to social network users in a relaxed way, in line with communication on the platforms. The content organically reached more than 150 thousand users of social networks. The videos in the campaign were viewed more than 73 thousand times.

The campaign also included platforms where the representation of the European Commission in Croatia does not have its own profiles (TikTok, LinkedIn). There was interest in such topics on both platforms. Additionally, reactions on different channels and with different influencers were mostly positive. This is especially important considering the topics we wanted to inform their audience about.

You can watch #EUtalks videos on the YouTube channel of the Representation of the European Commission.