Working from home has a positive effect on most agency people

The market has changed dramatically in 2020, so in our latest Dialog Vox Populi survey we asked what kind of employees employers want and what they expect from them, what employees think about it and how they all adapted to the new working conditions, concentrating on an extremely dynamic agency environment.


Work experience is more important than education

We first wanted to find out how crucial academic education is for agencies and found out that the majority (51%) of respondents believe that an agency employee should have a college degree. Interestingly, as many as 75% of respondents think that graduating from college does not have to match the job description, while completed courses, although very popular, are not considered as valuable as college education by 62% of respondents. At the same time, for the vast majority (85%) of respondents, work experience was more important than education.


A good employee responds when needed

Although the majority of agency workers (83%) are aware that it is extremely important for clients to always be available to them, only 18% of respondents believe that a good employee should always be available to the employer. 64% of respondents have a positive opinion about whether they need to do something sometimes outside of working hours, so they probably do not complain when they are contacted by agency bosses or colleagues in their free time, which was encountered by 49% of agency employees.


Equally creative and less motivated

We came across the most divided opinions on the inevitable question of working from home. Exactly half of the respondents stated that working from home is not as efficient as when they are in an agency, while the other half of the respondents do not make any difference in that term. 66% of the respondents concluded that working from home has a positive effect on them.

In terms of creativity, the majority of respondents (56%) believe that when working from home they are just as creative as when they are at work, but the same number of respondents at home are not as motivated for work as when they share work space with colleagues.


When it comes to motivation, as many as 59% of respondents believe that they are not motivated enough in their workplace.For the same number of respondents, the possibility of higher position is a better motivation than a raise, although the vast majority (84%) would like to be rewarded financially for a job well done. Another important motivating factor for agency workers is a good working atmosphere, which is important for as many as 86% of respondents.