Ten Years Together

In the digital campaign for the Representation of the European Commission in Croatia, we marked 10 years of Croatia’s membership in the EU and showed how the EU has changed our lives for the better.

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Written by: Nataša Blagojević

The first of July 2023 marked an important anniversary for all Croatian citizens – the tenth anniversary of Croatia’s membership in the European Union. On the eve of the big celebration, special attention in overall communication was devoted to digital channels. In the campaign we designed for this occasion, the goal was to promote the anniversary ahead of the official celebration, create the interest of social network users in this topic and encourage them to interact.


The creative concept of the campaign was based on the idea that through people, different interlocutors and faces, as well as content formats, we show how membership in the EU has made us part of one big family that allows us to live freely, travel and study anywhere within other member states, exchange knowledge and experience, to volunteer and help communities in need, to put business ideas into practice and to take advantage of various other possibilities and opportunities offered by EU membership.


Great stories of (un)ordinary people


In the first phase, through the documentary series of short videos “Decade of Great Stories”, we conveyed inspiring stories of people who dared to realize their dreams, who are brave and determined and who think outside the box. They are (un)ordinary people with great stories, and in these ten years, the EU has enabled them to become what they have always wanted and help others, each in their own way. Dušan Jelić (scientist and doctor of biology), Klara Rusan (illustrator), Albert Gajšak (entrepreneur and innovator), Petra Bokić (clown doctor, theater and circus artist) and Sergej Lugović (entrepreneur, professor and DJ) showed us how they make Croatia and the EU a better place to live. We shared their stories on various social networks and on the website of the Representation.


An example from the series “Decade of Great Stories” (Albert Gajšak)


In the second phase, we collaborated with influencers and content creators from different fields. The goal was to offer social network users creative content of a celebratory character, through an authentic approach and personal experience of each creator. Mile Butorac (celebratory recipe), Maja Tomljanović (celebratory illustration), Marina Mamić (make-up transformation), Voxford group (acapella performance of Ode to Joy) and Valentina and Alan Walme (dance choreography and performance to Ode to Joy) participated in the campaign.


Ode to joy performed acapella by the group Voxford


Slavimo 10 godina članstva u EU obitelji! Tko će nam se idući pridružiti????????? #HR10EU #eu #beethoven #odetojoy #odaradosti #croatia #voxford #fyp

♬ Oda radosti – VOXFORD

How successful were we?

With the communication on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Croatia’s membership in the EU, we successfully marked this important occasion, and the content we created and published through various channels as part of the campaign was viewed more than 5.5 million times! Through the inspiring stories of the interlocutors in the Decade of Great Stories series and the content of the creators, we reached almost 2 million users of social networks in Croatia and showed them all the ways in which the EU is part of our lives, the opportunities that EU membership provides and that every individual can make a positive change in society.


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