We celebrated the first anniversary of the Eco Green Office

Sustainable business is not easy, but it’s necessary.

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Written by: Štefica Škarika

Last year, we became the first domestic company that operates according to the principles of the Eco Green Office according to THE GREEN HUB platform program. Given that it is a continuous process that needs to be constantly upgraded, we marked the first anniversary of environmentally friendly business by summarizing the conclusions of the practices implemented so far and additional education, this time extended to the entire ESG area with proposals for further development.


Weve implemented practices such as discarding single-use plastics, sorting waste, double-sided printing, introducing ecological cleaning detergents, biodegradable inventory and toner, recycled paper and glass packaging into our daily operations.

Many people’s favorite office space is the kitchen and in ours you can find only ecological detergent, compostable and biodegradable sponges and cloths, as well as towels made of textiles and recycled paper. When ordering food from nearby restaurants, we always emphasize that we do not need disposable cutlery, we use a coffee machine without disposable cartridges and store coffee beans in glass containers. In our toilet we use an air hand dryer, recycled toilet paper and ecological liquid soap for washing hands.


We sought the answer to this question at the workshop led by Tihana Veljačić, who once again demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges in preserving nature and the environment for business entities, giving us the opportunity to define areas for the improvement of environmentally acceptable actions and possible measures. Some of the observed opportunities are:

  • – reduction of food waste and plastic packaging in which most of the food we order from popular restaurants is packaged, in a way that we cook at home for the whole office in agreed rotations, preferably meatless meals.
  • – additional education related to food composting and the correct method of doing it
  • – responsibility for energy savings through regular switching off of heating and cooling devices, lighting and computers and waste removal
  • “Green challenge” – an initiative with which we will motivate ourselves to lead a more active life, and it is primarily aimed at more movement and less car use, thereby reducing CO2 emissions
  • – increased communication of sustainable business to all business partners with the aim of encouraging positive changes in the wider community

We are glad that we still have many opportunities to develop our sustainable business and look forward to a greener future, being aware that changes start with us.


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