THE GREEN HUB and The O2 Project joined forces

Together in the fight for a greener future

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Written by: Marija Klika

Driven by problems related to the impact of climate change on individuals, society, ecosystem, and business, THE GREEN HUB platform and experts from Project O2 agreed to work together to support responsible companies that recognize the need for change and sustainable business through social responsibility projects.

Through this cooperation, interested organizations will be able to obtain comprehensive solutions to one of the burning issues related to environmental protection – deforestation. The program of THE GREEN HUB and the O2 Project includes organized planting of trees in carefully selected locations, communication with the target public, and education and activation of employees to contribute to positive changes in environmental protection.

“Cooperation with partners from the O2 Project is ideally complemented by the values ​​of THE GREEN HUB platform. Companies that consciously participate in afforestation campaigns better connect with their employees, directly contribute to the local community and serve as an example of sustainable business. ” – said Tihana Veljačić, co-founder of the platform THE GREEN HUB.

“We are extremely pleased to have launched a collaboration with THE GREEN HUB platform. Their rich experience in the field of communication and eco-consulting, corporate social responsibility, and environmental protection will further round out our projects and efforts in the field of biodiversity conservation. The plans of the Government of the Republic of Croatia regarding the planned afforestation of Croatia, which was recently announced by Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, also show that we are on the right path. ” – said Goran Ladišić, co-founder, Project O2.

The Green Hub platform is a joint project of the Dialog communication agency and the Ditch Plastic Croatia platform.


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