THE GREEN HUB is launched

Platform focused on sustainable way of doing business

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Written by: Dialog Komunikacije

Driven by changes in the Earth’s ecosystem caused by a dramatic increase in plastic pollution and the overall global environmental crisis that indicates the need for rapid action and changes in ways of doing business and behaviour of individuals, Dialog komunikacije and Ditch Plastic Croatia initiative launched THE GREEN HUB platform.

This unique platform offers to interested organizations various services needed for defining sustainable practices including employee education, concrete tools for transition to sustainable way of doing business, possibilities of creating and implementing socially responsible projects aimed at sustainability as well as proposing alternatives in production processes.

“THE GREEN HUB platform arose from the need to start changing existing habits and practices as responsible individuals, organizations and society as a whole. Companies have a great impact on society and we have recognized them as drivers of positive (and inevitable) changes in the near future.” – said Tihana Veljačić, founder of the Ditch Plastic Croatia initiative.

“I am extremely pleased that Dialog komunikacije became a part of THE GREEN HUB platform. Our experience in the field of communication consulting and corporate social responsibility combined with the necessary know-how in the field of environmental protection by DITCH PLASTIC initiative, is a winning combination in encouraging companies to move to sustainable way of doing business as soon as possible. ” – said Marija Margareta Klika, senior consultant at the Dialog komunikacije agency.


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