The imperfect content era beginning

Recent META research shows that content that is not completely “polished” achieves better results.

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Written by: Nataša Blagojević

Described with popular marketing phrase, authenticity in communication has been the “name of the game” for some time. Although by this term we mean realistic content and public sharing of spontaneous moments from everyday life, content on social networks generally does not fit this definition. Most of the photos, videos and ads are still at a high production level, carefully styled and edited down to the smallest detail. However, new kids are writing new rules of the game.

Better results on all platforms

Recent research conducted by META shows a strong correlation between “imperfect” content and high communication efficiency. Taking into account ad recall across four different categories of advertisers – in the segments of technology, commerce, hospitality and e-commerce – it was shown that campaigns with video content of lower production value were significantly more effective than those with content of high value.

The results of earlier research for Instagram Stories from 2019 were also on this track. The conclusions indicated that there is a very high probability that video content recorded with a smartphone will be more successful in terms of the number of views than video recorded in a studio (84%), and that it will be more successful in encouraging the target group to purchase.

New generations are accelerating this trend

New, younger generations of users accelerate the development of authentic content, which is proven by the fact that as many as 90% of members of Generation Z and Millennials support this approach to communication, and the rise of TikTok also contributes to this. A different creative approach and more immediate content with different options for adding effects and trending music is a real step forward in communication on social networks and is slowly spilling over to other platforms, primarily Meta’s Instagram, which successfully copies the functionalities of TikTok.

Brands are showing their imperfect face too

This kind of storytelling is also reflected in brand communication as another form of humanization and getting closer to users. A great example is the emotional “Share the Love” campaign by Pampers. Keeping in mind that even 9 out of 10 mothers are unsure if they are doing everything right for their baby, they decided to show real feelings through real mothers – both good and bad, and encourage all parents to participate in the campaign by sharing their emotions on social networks with the help of branded stickers.


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