The intertwining of the virtual and the real will be even greater

Interview of our Insights and Planning Consultant Nataša Blagojević for Glas Slavonije portal about trends in influencers marketing.

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– In a broader, global context, TikTok experiences a kind of celebrity / influencer fame, as one of the most popular applications in the world today. How do you explain that?


TikTok, which is increasingly popular among social network users, for some time sets the trend. As one of the most important digital trends in recent years, video has become even more popular, and the way TikTokers create content has brought a new level of creativity, immediacy and authenticity in communication. Some completely new faces, trends and topics are appearing on TikTok, and everything seems much more relaxed. At the same time, “old” influencers from other platforms are somewhat looking for their space on this platform as well.

Also, platforms are increasingly fighting to retain influencers and content creators, so they are increasingly thinking about different forms of content monetization that would provide creators with additional income. Brands, on the other hand, are provided with better opportunities to advertise and maximize collaboration with content creators.


– How much did the pandemic and the last eight months and the Ukrainian war, had an impact on the influencer scene in general, including YouTubers, TikTokers and social networks? Is there more or less negativity than before?


The pandemic, growing awareness of environmental problems, political and economic instability are putting pressure on everyone, including content creators. When something so negative and worrisome happens, such as the outbreak of the pandemic, especially the start of the war in Ukraine, naturally this impulse is transferred to social networks, so the usual topics are not in the first plan anymore.

In some moments, in addition to the usual “hate”, influencers on social networks also had to deal with higher expectations in terms of how they should act and communicate, which was certainly not easy. However, there are not rare examples of those who have used their platforms well to educate their followers, and who are a positive example for others, from sharing relevant information to engaging in helping vulnerable groups, or simply speaking about some topics that have been sensitive or neglected. Mental health is perhaps the best example of this.

Although we can generally talk about social networks as a place where there is a lot of negativity, I think that influencers in particular gather around themselves a community where most of their followers follows them for some positive reasons and because they are interested in their content, so in the end the positive sentiment prevails.


– What is the fate of, among other things, digital marketing and influencers marketing in the global networked digital world?


Those who are the first to adopt new technologies usually reap success. With new technologies and new platforms some new influencers and forms of influence will certainly appear. The possibilities in the online environment are truly enormous, and in the future, the intertwining of the virtual and the real will be even greater. The experience will seamlessly flow from one to the other.


– Compared to the rest of the world, what is the influencer scene like in Croatia today? Do domestic influencers, including those from the field of marketing, follow global trends? What kind of problems are there, if any, and how to solve them?


The domestic scene is not significantly behind the foreign scene. We follow trends in terms of platforms and creative formats, but our market is specific because it is small and somewhat conservative. The focus is mostly on commercial collaborations, although it is noticeable that socially relevant topics are increasingly represented in the communication of our influencers. There is room for progress in this context, for example in sustainable practices and especially in matters of equality, supporting diversity and inclusiveness. The concept of DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) is something that is talked about a lot more in the world in general.

The problem arising from the size of the market is that it is objectively difficult to establish longer-term forms of partnerships. Influencers and content creators collaborate with different, often competing brands, which does not favor authenticity and credibility. More education is needed in professionalization and setting standards.


– What are the similarities and what are the differences between influencers and celebrities?


The basic difference is the traditional understanding of a celebrity as someone who is first and foremost a public figure, known and present in the public space that goes beyond social media, while influencers are in principle “social media influencers” linked to social networks as the dominant medium on which they have built influence. In a way, we are talking about two types of influence, where one does not exclude the other.

The bigger the influencer’s online following on social networks, the closer they are to celebrity status. For those who have successfully turned their hobby into a business, as a rule, that business provides a very nice lifestyle and luxury that additionally positions them as someone who is a star.


You can read the article in its original form on the Glas Slavonije portal.


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