The main trend in influencers marketing is video format

The conference gathered around 300 guests. A lot of lectures, workshops and round tables took the place on the third edition of DIABLOG.

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On November 21, Kaptol Boutique Cinema in Zagreb took place of the 3rd edition of DIABLOG, only Croatian blogger and influencer conference. The conference gathered around 300 guests and a lot of lectures, workshops and round tables.

Results of the latest research on Croatian blogger and influencer scene showed that content creators are more mature, and beside they create their own content, most of them (61%) have a job, and also are highly educated (75%). 40% of them actively cooperate with one brand, and in average earn less than they did last year (63% up to 3500 kn), which means that there are a lot of new faces and microinfluencers. They should work more on proactivity in collaboration with brands, because 70% of them are waiting for brands to contact them first. As main trends, the respondents highlighted video formats (vlogs), podcasts and Instagram TV.

The best fashion, beauty, gastro and travel bloggers were announced at the conference, but also the special award for the breakthrough in the past year, the New star, the best influencer and the best brands for cooperation with bloggers were given. The winners are:

The best bloggers:

1. Fashion: Lucija Kontić

2. Beauty: Maša Zibar

3. Gastro: Sanja Mijac

4. Travel: Kristijan Iličić

The best “brake through”: Ines Šitum

The best influencer: Ella Dvornik

The New Star: Una Pasić Gregović

Best brands: NIVEA, Dukat, Avon


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