The most followed and paid Youtubers today are – children!

Kids today make millions on their YouTube channels and have a good time doing so.

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Written by: Karla Sedak Benčić

“YouTube is the most popular nanny in the world,” said Eyal Baumel, head of Yoola, a company specializing in digital media and marketing on YouTube. This statement was confirmed by recently published data from the Pew Research Center, which show that 81% of parents allow their children under the age of 11 to watch YouTube. As a result, content intended for children is becoming more popular and watched, and their authors – richer.

They start at an early age

In North America, the most famous YouTuber is six-year-old Anastasia Radzinskaya. Despite being younger than Snapchat, her Like Nastya’s channel follows 57 million people.

Shfa is an eight-year-old girl from the Emirates and the most popular YouTuber in the Middle East and Central Asia, followed by over 25 million people, and her average daily views are over 30 million.

Chilean YouTuber HolaSoyGerman has 41 million followers – twice the population of Chile! This makes him South America’s most popular YouTuber.

Atta Halilintar is the most popular Asian YouTuber with 24 million followers and boasts more than 4 million daily views.

PewDiePie is number one in Europe, which is also the world’s leading YouTuber with 106 million subscribers to its channel.

They make millions

Given that children mostly have the most followers, it is not surprising that the “children’s” category is in the first place in terms of earnings. Anastasia Radzinskaya’s monthly income is estimated at $ 7.73 million, followed by YouTuber A4 with monthly revenue of over $ 5 million. The third is a gamer jacksepticeye who earns about $ 1 million a month and has 24.7 million followers. The most popular Croatian gamer on YouTube is Marko Kofs KingsOfFailsShow, which has over a million followers.

Of the domestic YouTubers, Doctor D.S. in Croatin No.1 with an average monthly income of $ 86,500. His most-watched video ‘How to Make a motorcycle’ has 36 million views, and his channel has a total of 1.34 million subscribers.

It is important to note that the estimated revenue refers to advertising revenue, it does not include cooperation with brands, sales of (own) goods or donations from companions, which exceed these amounts significantly.


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