The new face of Public Relationship

Social media platforms have become an indispensable part of PR strategies when communicating with the public, media and decision-makers.

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Written by: Tea Tizaj

Public relations have changed more in recent years than they have in the previous hundred. This is largely due to the growing influence of social media which, in addition to enabling intensive and direct communication with consumers and opinion makers, provide a platform for the monitoring of the public pulse, learning about user preferences and collecting data to shape future initiatives and communication campaigns.

Furthermore, we should bear in mind that journalists frequently address the public via social media platforms, and apart from Facebook, one of their favorite platforms is Twitter. Using clear and concise tweets of up to 280 characters, they examine the feelings of their audience and scan the public’s opinion to have a sense of the ‘atmosphere’ surrounding current topics.

Companies that take a stand grow faster

Some hot topics, such as environmental protection or the rights of the LGBT community, have become an important part of conversations on social media sites, so public relations experts take them into account when creating PR strategies in the field of corporate and brand communications.

Accenture Strategy’s survey found that as many as 62% of consumers wish brands to take a stand on social issues. A third would buy a product from a brand that went public with their views, even when it comes to unpopular beliefs. Therefore, it is not surprising that companies that have taken a clear stand in their overall communication strategy are on average growing three times faster than their competitors.

We are witnessing a time when the democratization of public relations has never been stronger. Social media sites have played the most important role in this, with their influential users and content creators being key leaders when it comes to opinions and trends. In order to take full advantage of social media through PR activities, it is important to listen to the audience, be ready for feedback and take positions on important issues. And if you truly believe in them, the benefits will be manifold.


Source: Falcon


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