Three reasons why podcasts should be part of a PR strategy

In the race for new, unobtrusive and effective ways to reach the modern consumer, podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular advertising channel.

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Written by: Dialog Komunikacije

According to data from Demand Sage, there are 5 million podcasts globally, and it is predicted that the number of listeners will exceed 500 million listeners this year. Data in the USA show how podcasts are the most popular among younger listeners, with an estimated half of global podcast listeners between the ages of 12 and 34. However, significant growth is visible in the 35-54 age group. This indicates that almost everyone is listening to podcasts, which makes them even more interesting to brands.


Below we will explain what makes podcasts so popular and three reasons why you should include them in your communication strategy.


1. They are synonym for multitasking


A significant advantage of podcasts is that they can keep up with the hectic style of the “always on the move” society. Each user has the opportunity to choose the topics that interest him and can access these contents at any time of the day, from any location. All he needs is a mobile device and Internet access. Also, all podcasts are free. All free podcasts contain advertisements that interrupt them for a moment, but by subscribing to the streaming platform, users can listen to all content without interruption.


2. Podcasts are more personal and informal


Although they are mainly used for entertainment, they are the perfect format for approaching serious topics and even brands to listeners. Their more informal character is something which benefits them here additionally. By participating in podcasts, the person who represents the brand can draw listeners deeper into the story and convey it in a much more personal way, bringing them closer to what the brand really stands for and what its values are. It is this personal approach that can be a key factor in attracting new consumers by connecting with them and becoming more relevant to them.


As a format, a podcast is, for example, great for discussing sensitive topics such as mental health or human rights. The reason for this is the fact that podcasts create a safe environment for their speakers and influence the empathy of listeners.


3. They are good for SEO


A podcast is a great medium because we publish its content on various hosting platforms, which contributes to better content visibility, search engine rankings, greater audience engagement and traffic to the brand’s website. For example, an episode can be uploaded to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and many others. In addition to audio format, some podcasts also offer video format and publish their podcasts on video streaming platforms such as YouTube. Podcast videos have also become popular for promoting podcasts on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.


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