TikTok as future of marketing

Even if it seems like it is a platform for younger generations to post funny videos, TikTok is fastly growing into a powerful marketing tool.

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Written by: Ivana Perinčić

From the beginning of popularity of TikTok, people have predicted its end, but it’s clear that popularity of this platform is growing by each day. The estimate that this platform will reach 755 million users in 2022 says enough. Accordingly, TikTok is one of the top 3 social media networks, right behind Facebook and Instagram. These information don’t come as a surprise, taking into account that in 2020 TikTok has been proclaimed the fastest growing social media network.

Beside entertainment and educational content, it changes the world and the way brands do business. Research shows that using TikTok grows among influencers, and 87% of them say that platform generates more engagement than the rest of social media networks. These data can be prescribed to pandemic and countless hours of scrolling this app in lack of other things to do.

Micro and nano influencers in center of TikTok

As the world of the internet grows and develops, out attention span falls and, according to research, it is down to 12 seconds for Millennials and 8 seconds for Gen Z. According to that, there is growth in demand for video content of few seconds, and that is another positive data for TikTok, encourages its growth and increases number of users. Nowadays, TikTok users prefer micro and nano-influencers, for whom it is considered to be even more relevant in 2022 because more and more brands are looking for diversity while collaborating. That is proven by the information that the average engagement rate on TikTok is 18% for micro-influencers, while on Instagram it’s 3,86%. We think those research data say enough that is the right time for bands to turn to TikTok as a way of promotion.

Advantage of TikTok for brands.

TikTok is still in its beginning stages, which is one more advantage for brands that join this wave, because the early bird catches the worm. While other social media networks lower their organic reach, TikTok pushes it, and crucial factors of organic reach are: watch time and engagement rate. Besides that, TikTok isn’t polished, doesn’t have a time stamp, and relies on recommendations known as “For you” page. TikTok’s algorithm decides content popularity in the way that it publishes it on “for you” page, so more users see it, and it becomes viral, which gives creators an incentive to spend more time on the platform and publish content. By trying out various effects, filters, sounds and likewise gives users relevant content and big chances for brand to be discovered between uses and become viral. Launching many strategies, TikTok is highlighting creators as the ones who are important, which is one more advantage for creators and brands. Since June 2021, brands have access to TikTok for Business that offers various marketing solutions. Beside becoming brand ambassadors, creators can show a brand in a different light or deliver a brand story in a different way. TikTok is a platform that encourages natural, authentic content that helps develop direct connections between a brand and its consumers, which is always positive for the brand and its business.


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