TikTok campaigns that stood out

Although sometimes it looks like TikTok is just a place for unusual content, its algorhitm and popularity offer a handful of unique marketing opportunities.

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Written by: Ivana Perinčić

Most of us are familiar with the fact that TikTok is the fastest growing social network with more than 850 million users in more than 150 countries. Short video content attracts attention of audience, and with that TikTok becomes one of the most popular social networks for brand communication and engagement growth. However, rules of success on TikTok are different than those on other platforms. Technology and tools that accompany this platform can significantly improve brand engagement with videos that are far from perfect but still become viral. It doesn’t come as surprise that brands’ presence on TikTok grows by the day and that more and more campaigns are implemented on this social network, but there are some worth of special attention. We singled out three recent ones.

Valentino #OneStudBag

Italian brand Valentino used TikTok earlier this year to launch a new bag model “One Stud” with participation of eight influencers. Short TikTok videos with simple transformation from relaxed to posh outfits put new product in center of attention. What drew our attention was that all transformations were the same, where the first part takes place in influencers home, while the other is shifted outdoor with street style outfits modeling Valentino One Stud bag. Another interesting thing was that all the influencers used the same music background. Influencers that were chosen for this campaign are designated TikTok Influencers that show their outfits in a funny and unconventional way.

 Fenty Beauty #FENTYICON

One of the most active beauty brands on TikTok is definitely Fenty Beauty, whos owner is Rihanna. At the beginning of February this year, Fenty Beauty launched a new line of sustainable lipsticks called “Icon” that comes in reusable packaging. Like many TikTok users know, it is possible to make your own TikTok sound that can be reused by others. What is interesting in this campaign is that Rihanna herself made first presentation of new lipstick and her original sound (named ICON ENERGY – Fenty Beauty) was used by other influencers. Another interesting fact is that teaser for Icon campaign was launched exclusively on TikTok with caption “TikTok saw it first”, which adds value to importance of this platform.

 Revlon #ThisIsYourWakeupCall

Another beauty campaign that impressed us with its simplicity is the campaign for a new concealer by Revlon from the Colorstay line that puts in focus morning routine and preparation for the day. “This is your morning call” campaign was implemented at the end of March this year and included influencers that have between 50.000 and five million followers. TikToks in duration from 30 seconds to one minute, in which influencers show their morning routine using the new Revolon Colorstay Skin Awaken concealer, have between 20.000 and 300.000 views. Although it seems at first that ladies’ content creativity was limited because the content shows only morning routines, that was exactly why this campaign stood out. TikToks aren’t long, product is shown in a natural way and it doesn’t vary from influencers’ regular content, which gives authenticity.

TikTok tools are key

Even though it seems like these campaigns stood out just because they came from big, global brands, similar concepts can be applied to other products or services. Just small adjustments in production like sound or song can completely transform TikTok content and differentiate it from others. Like in regular content, in brand presence it is also crucial to cleverly and differently use the tools that platform offers (music or sound, filters or likewise), because that is how trends that increase brand visibility are initiated. This is why every day number of campaigns that are created for this platform grows, but since TikTok also allows linking with profiles on other social media networks, it has become an unskippable channel for raising brand visibility on social media.


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