Trends in the PR industry in 2022

What is new in the communication business, and what needs to be further improved in the new year

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Written by: Sara Huljak

What is new in the communication business, and what needs to be further improved in the new year

We have never thought more enthusiastically, but also with suspicion, about the year we entered. If you ask me and Jerry Seinfeld, every beginning of the year is like this, but I’m an eternally skeptical millennial, and he’s the best (and eternally skeptical) comedian. But, it is not only up to us, the whole world is asking: what does 2022 bring us?

If there’s one thing we have learned in marketing and PR over the last two years, it’s that we can’t count on set annual plans, but that we need to learn every day and be more agile than ever and keep up with changes and trends.

What trends we can expect in 2022, read below.

PR + marketing = love

Before the pandemic, PR and marketing were two separate spheres with different goals. However, two years later, the clear line between them is blurring, and the wishes of the client or consumer have brought them together. If the PR team wants to convey the message to the end-user, it must follow and understand marketing trends and incorporate them into its strategy. This all requires knowledge of digital marketing and working cross-departmentally, from campaigns on social networks, engagement of influencers, tracking metrics to placing interviews on podcasts.

Influencers and ads

Setting PR strategies in 2022 will focus on niche and authentic groups, and less on mass marketing. Consumers and consumers are returning to making decisions based on word-of-mouth principles and in that case, influencers marketing is the best strategy because we already know how a loyal audience they have. Although it seems to us that we are all fed up with sponsored content, influencers have another year of hard work, listening to PR agencies and clients to do their job the best – increase the visibility of the brands they advertise.

Online events

Perhaps one of the worst consequences of the pandemic for the PR industry was the inability to organize events and press conferences. The need for online communication has led to an increase in online events, so although there have been several classic events through 2021, the future lies in virtual and hybrid events which will bring new marketing tools and content development. As I wrote at the beginning, we realized we had to learn every day, so we focused benefits of online events such as attendance, time and money savings, and global reach on new strategic opportunities.

The power of Tik Tok

A social network that ended the old and entered the new year as the absolute winner, ladies, and gentlemen, Tik Tok. In the business world, we are all watching its development and we are aware of its growth, but we were all surprised by the news that Tik Tok was declared the most popular website in the world, surpassing even Google in the number of users. Google! The platform, which was primarily related to GenZ, becoming more and more popular among the older audience, which can be noticed among different brands using it to reach their customers. When we add to that the authenticity of the influencer and the innovative feature, it is clear to us why there was a shortage of feta cheese in 2021 thanks to Tik Tok.


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