Video inspiration for beautiful skin and maximum self-confidence

Young entrepreneurs in the NIVEA campaign revealed what motivates them and what is the key of their success in the world of entrepreneurship.

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Written by: Nina Marković

In March this year, NIVEA launched Hydra Skin Effect campaign dedicated to young women who want to have beautiful skin and maximum self-confidence which will help them discover their inner potentials and presented products which provide a long-lasting hydrating effect that comes from within.

Impact based on success

Moving away from the classic influencer campaign, hiring young and successful entrepreneurs Iva Viljevac and Mateja Sučević and creating original photo and video content intended for social networks and distribution on YouTube, we provided quality content for our target group which inspired them to discover their own inner potential and also educated them about the skin needs for being healthy and nurtured. Shorter and longer versions of the video, which were also used as teasers in the campaign, were produced by the award-winning production company Antitalent, with which we have successfully collaborated on other projects.

The NIVEA Hydra Skin Effect campaign was launched through a virtual conference where business consultant and serial entrepreneur Kristina Ercegović talked to Iva and Mateja about how they achieved to discover their inner potentials and entered the world of entrepreneurship, and how NIVEA Hydra Skin Effect products help them in their daily beauty routine to build self-confidence. The conference also premiered videos with Iva and Mateja in the lead roles.


During the campaign, 55 organic announcements were published on social networks worth over 35,000 euros, and 33 media announcements with a potential reach of almost two million. The virtual conference was attended by 45 people, mostly representatives of beauty and lifestyle media.





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