Trends Which Will Mark the Communication of Domestic Brands in 2023

Cooperation with influencers with a smaller number of followers, investments in content on social networks and joining TikTok will mark the communication of domestic brands in 2023.

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Written by: Nataša Blagojević

We devoted this year’s first #VoxPopuli survey to predictions about the communication industry and trends in 2023. We divided the questions into three segments – public relations, influencers marketing and social networks. Below are the results and trends that will mark the communication of domestic brands this year.


Brand PR in focus


Despite numerous changes in the business environment and trends in sustainability dictated by consumers, opinions on activities and budgets in the domain of corporate communication are relatively divided. Only a slightly higher percentage of participants in our survey believe that investments in corporate PR will grow this year as well (58% of responses). Between the two important topics of social responsibility, respondents believe that companies will be more concerned with environmental protection (78% of responses), than with human rights (22% of responses). The answers are also divided about employer branding activities. 50% of the answers suggest growth, and the same number suggest a decline in investment. When it comes to brand PR, a more convincing 74% of respondents believe that in 2023 there will be more investment in brand promotion.


The trend of nano and micro influencers


Influencers marketing has been a leading trend in recent years and an indispensable part of communication campaigns. According to the results of our survey, it seems that its value in Croatia will grow this year as well (67% of responses). When it comes to the profile of influencers with whom survey participants plan to collaborate, there will be a bigger emphasis on collaborations with nano and micro (77 %) than macro and celebrity influencers (23 %). Also, the focus of the campaigns will much more be on engagement (68 %) than on reaching influencers‘ followers (32 %) with whom they plan to collaborate.

We also asked the survey participants whether influencers would be more or less engaged as brand ambassadors. 58% of the answers are affirmative, that is, it suggests that there will be more such forms of cooperation. A slightly smaller percentage believes that influencers will be less engaged as brand ambassadors.


Domestic brands are finally jumping on the TikTok train


Social networks will also play an important role in communication strategies and plans in 2023. Almost three quarters of the participants declared that they will increase their investment in social networks this year. The emphasis will be on content creation (67% of responses) and not on classic advertising. Among the survey participants, 60% plan to step onto some new communication platform, mostly TikTok.


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