We launched Green Challenge and Green Bonus

New initiatives represent our efforts in further CO2 reduction.

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Written by: Dialog komunikacije

As we have announced during our celebration of the first anniversary of the Eco Green Office at Dialog, we are continuously working to achieve highest possible level of sustainable office. Along with additionally introduced or modified measures in the areas of waste management and resources savings, we are especially proud of two new initiatives we have launched in the field of transportation – Green Challenge and Green Bonus.

Win-win for environment and our health

Green Challenge and Green Bonus are creative ideas born out of insight that 60% of agency employees use cars to get to work. Although the CO2 consumption related to commuting has decreased since we introduced a three-day working week in the office, we have concluded that there is still room for improvement. Unfortunately, the carpooling option is not technically feasible for us and we have adopted shared transportation policy for meetings, conferences and team building events a long time ago. Therefore, we have two options left:

1. encouraging employees to walk more and drive less in their daily lives. We have called this initiative The Green Challenge.


  • every Dialog employee measures number of steps throughout the month (via the health app on their phone)
  • on the first day of each month, we report the number of steps for previous month to the responsible person
  • the person who has walked the most wins a special monthly prize.

2. encouraging employees to use bicycles while travelling to work. We have called this initiative The Green Bonus and it is built on subventions on bicycles purchase by the company.


  • employees submit requests for subventions individually
  • requests are approved on a first come-first served basis
  • Dialog subsidizes the purchase of bicycles in the amount of 50% of total price.

We hope we have inspired you to have a more sustainable business and more engaged employees, which results in a healthier life, healthier planet and healthier organization.

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