We said hello to 2022 with gifts and enter 2023 with optimism

We appropriately dedicated our last #VoXPopuli survey in 2022 to the holidays, gifts and predictions for 2023.

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Written by: Nataša Blagojević

In early December, when we asked the first set of questions about personal spending during the holidays, two-thirds of our followers still had no holiday shopping planned. However, at that moment, the same number of them confirmed to us that they plan to allocate a smaller budget this year. When it comes to gifts, 82% of followers who took part in the survey said that they prefer to buy them in physical stores rather than online. Considering how numerous prize competitions such as advent calendars are very common in December, we asked our followers if they participate in similar activities more than usual during this period. The answers were divided, with 57% of those who answered yes and 43% of those who answered no.


December  in spirit of holiday gifts at work too


In our holiday edition of the Vox Populi survey, we didn’t skip business spend either. It is praiseworthy that 82% of respondents had a holiday celebration with their colleagues. It is even nicer that 88% received an appropriate reward in the form of a Christmas bonus from their organizations. The holidays were also marked by giving holiday gifts to business partners. The organizations of 76% of those surveyed prepared gifts for their partners. When it comes to charitable donations at the end of the year, the situation is somewhat different. Organizations of 37% of followers who took part in our survey carried out this activity.


With optimism in the new business year


Despite the challenging 2022, majority’s thinking about business in the upcoming 2023 is largely positive. According to the answers on Instagram, 67% of respondents share optimism, while the remaining 33% are still pessimistic. On LinkedIn, among our followers, we notice even more positive outlook on the future. Namely, 81% of the survey participants chose optimism, compared to 19% who chose pessimism.

We also checked predictions regarding communication management in organizations. According to the answers of our followers on Instagram, 67% of them plan to increase their investments in PR next year. At the same time, both classic and native PR will be equally in focus. From the perspective of our followers on LinkedIn, the situation is somewhat different. According to the answers of 67% of the participants, their organizations do not plan to increase investments in public relations. Also, their focus will be more on native PR, compared to classic (62% vs. 38% of responses).

What remains to be considered is the fact that 62% of the participants in Vox Populi on Instagram pointed out that they cooperated with the media worse this year.


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