We share the joy and positive energy on TikTok in 2023

The social network, whose popularity is in a galloping increase, is setting some new trends this year and we selected the most interesting ones from their ‘What’s next’ report.

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Written by: Katarina Sekol

A massive 90% of TikTok users claim that this platform makes them happy and they will never get bored of it. This is precisely why that platform wants and will continue breaking records in 2023, gathering new communities and encouraging positive societal changes. What trends can we expect on this social network? We found out from their ‘What’s next’ trend report and stressed the most interesting ones.


What lifestyle would you like to present on TikTok? 


In 2022 users shared knowledge and encouraged the audience to change their lives and thinking. Individuals realize they do not have to conform to outdated social norms, so they start living by their own rules and encourage the audience to do the same. Instead of promoting a traditional lifestyle and overly focusing on business life, creators often use hashtags like#MyJourney, #Slowliving or #DigitalNomad to show the changes they’ve made in their own lives. TikTok puts a particular emphasis on that this year.


Positivity and personal development


The influence of this platform in 2023 will further increase as users continue to promote their values and seek new paths to success and happiness. According to the trend report, based on four different surveys, this year’s video content will be full of positive energy. Also, it will encourage the audience to personal development and find happiness. TikTok will continue to motivate people to try innovative products and new ways of thinking and behaving.


Growing popularity of honest reviews 


TikTok users often buy a product precisely because of the reviews they see on its cover. 72% of the participants in the ‘What’s next’ survey believe that the product reviews of individual creators are candid, and 65% rely on the reviews and recommendations they receive from TikTokers. Product reviews must be honest and authentic. It is also desirable that creators make videos that show the product more than sell it. The hashtags #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt and #MustHaves, which are already globally popular, will grow in popularity this year.


Escape from reality and search for happiness


Like any social network, TikTok becomes a portal to escape from the harsh reality and serves users as a short break from everyday life. They relax with popular memes, tricks that make life easier, or videos that promote taking care of their own mental or physical health. The report on new TikTok trends stated that joy, humor and relaxation would be key elements of marketing strategies this year.

Videos with the hashtags #unwindwithme and #treatyourselfwill encourage the audience to make specific – even significant – changes in their lives to feel better. TikTok users often find inspiration on the platform to help them become their best version.


We initiate changes by spreading knowledge


TikTok is not just entertainment. It is possible to learn a lot there and raise positive awareness. Numerous TikTokers share experiences and knowledge about different cultures and behaviors and build their brand on this. In addition to interesting facts, users can listen to advise for personal development and progress or learn about world events that the media did not cover. Environmental and political activism is present on this platform to a large extent.

Creators of activist videos are dissatisfied with many situations and try to initiate change through social networks. Individual movements that started on social networks took root outside them and gathered new communities of like-minded people.

As a dynamic platform in constant development, TikTok joins new daily users who want to find like-minded people and create their community. Feel free to leave your comfort zone to connect with a particular audience. Be unique, teach your audience something new, or start an intriguing discussion and you’ll surely get noticed.


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