What do we think about virtual influences?

We bring the respondents’ views on the present and future of artificial intelligence on social networks

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Written by: Dialog komunikacije

Along with the advancement of technology, the path of modern marketing is moving. New trends are knocking on the door now and then, and one of them relates to technological advances in influencers marketing. CGI (computer-generated imagery) influencers or virtual influencers are a trend that is gaining in popularity. They are not real people, but their influence is real and growing. While experts differ, we decided to examine the opinions of social media users through our Vox Populi survey. Find out below how familiar the respondents are with the concept of CGI influencers, what they think about them, and what kind of future they predict for them.

CGI on social media is still in its infancy

Slightly more than half (63%) of respondents were familiar with the term “CGI”, but 70% of them do not know the full meaning of the word. However, 57% of respondents were familiar with CGI technology.

Regarding CGI in influencer marketing, 62% of respondents know who CGI influencers are, but 89% do not follow them on social media. Given the latter data, we were not surprised by the attitude of the respondents that CGI influencers are not considered the future of influencers marketing.

Respondents also do not trust the products promoted by virtual influencers, and only half of them are familiar with brands that use CGI influencers.

The trends are on their side though

As many as 71% of respondents believe that CGI influencers cannot authentically promote an actual product, and 91% of them believe that the views expressed by these people are not relevant. Also, 77% of respondents believe that CGI influencers cannot be a relevant example to Generations Z and Alpha.

Judging by the results of our latest Vox Populi survey, awareness of CGI impacts is not non-existent, but neither is it strong, while faith in their progress and market conquest has even less potential. Nevertheless, we are sure that over time and the popularization of this type of marketing influencers will develop greater interest and trust among social media users.


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