What media want?

Five tips for good media collaboration

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Written by: Sara Huljak

Media is one of the most important communication tools every PR person uses in building an image, a market position or a reputation for their organization or their client. As a PR agency, we work with media representatives on a daily basis, managing the relationship between them and our clients, so we know from the first hand what is important for good collaboration with them.

1. Following the trends

We are aware that trends in the media business are changing very fast, so we are always up to date with them. It is important to monitor how the media places topics, which topics are published more often and which less often, whether they implement changes in the visual appearance and how they address the audience. For example, according to research by the Reuters Institute, the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has prompted online media to attract readers to their portals with very bold visuals and infographics on their social networks. They drew their attention to their articles, encouraged them to read, and let them know that they were up to date with all the news. Perhaps this information will help you to strengthen your relationship with the representative of the portal that is very important to you, or to add an infographic next time with a press release.

2. Clear brief

The moment a person from an agency or an organization gets in touch with a media representative, what he or she wants to hear is a clear brief. Whether it is a press release or media collaboration, the media want short and clear information, ready-made texts, complete statements, high-quality visuals and concise explanations.

3. Respect the deadlines

The media place a lot of different topics every day, they are in contact with a lot of advertisers, media and PR agencies, so if it is important to you that your story is published at a time when it matters to you – respect the deadlines!

4. Advertising in the media

With a rapid development of social networks and influencers marketing, advertising in online, and especially in print media, has become a secondary choice for many brands. A Reuters institute survey states that Facebook News is already arriving in some European countries and will start paying publishers for content. Until then, the media appreciate every proposal for media cooperation or investment in advertising through their channels, and they see it as an added value in relations with PR agencies.

5. Maintaining a relationship

What is PR without media, and what is media without stories?! So always be on good terms with journalists, invite them for a business coffee, follow their progress and changes in editorial office. Don’t forget that PR agencies and the media are the closest business partners.


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