Who has the biggest influence through Instagram?

According to average earnings from posts on their Instagram profiles, the top of the rankings is held by globally popular celebrities from public life, athletes and singers

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Written by: Nataša Blagojević

Collaborations with people who are influential on social networks have not been a novelty for a long time, just like the fact that Instagram is influencers’ favourite platform on which they most often promote agreed products and services. Although the influence itself is much more than numbers, it is inevitable that when looking at someone’s Instagram feed, in addition to the content and style of photos and videos, the number of followers also attracts our attention. The same applies to business collaborations too because although companies and brands usually work both with influencers followed by smaller and bigger number of Instagram users, golden rule is how the biggest reach is mostly achieved by celebrities that is famous people from public life like musicians, actors, athletes, etc. Not surprisingly, it is their influence on Instagram that is also the most expensive.

According to research conducted by the Hopper HQ platform, the first place in terms of earnings from sponsored Instagram posts is held by planetary popular football player Cristiano Ronaldo, who on average charges an impressive $ 1.6 million per post on his Instagram profile. In second place is last year’s holder of this prestigious list, Dwayne Johnson, an American actor and hero of numerous action films who is not far behind Ronaldo with an average of $ 1.52 million per post. The third place belongs to the singer Ariana Grande, and it is not surprising that the list also includes members of the Kardashian and Jenner family, whose youngest member Kylie Jenner “fell” by one place compared to last year and is in fourth place this year.


While these are staggering amounts that may seem to overly excessive, it is undeniable that these are individuals whose impact is truly huge and far-reaching, far beyond social networks themselves. Perhaps the best example is Kylie Jenner who, with one tweet about how little she actually uses Snapchat, toppled the company’s stock value by more than 7%, causing Snapchat to lose more than $ 1 billion.


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